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Wealth Creation with Natural Business Partners


Can we ever imagine creating wealth using the waste we generate every single day? That too, with business partners who work well with you at all times? Nature is the best, when we cooperate. Introducing Vellore Srinivasan ji and his amazing initiative using Solid and Liquid Resource Management (SLRM) which he has popularised and proven over the years... Read on...

Dearest investors and friends,

How are you all doing? I am sure many will be enjoying the returns in solid stocks in the last few months. Patience has always helped, I am sure.

I actually happened to visit a scrap/junk shop a month back. I found the owner really "well to do" and I started digging deeper. I found that he had amazing items in his scrap yard. It was a very very clean & organised place. His workers were busy in segregating, cleaning and stacking the waste. Every couple of hours, the so called "waste" was coming in a van into his junk yard. He had amazing computer tables, chairs, televisions, dustbins, buckets, flower pots, pipes, screws, pins and what not. Anything which is garbage or useless for anyone, ends up in shops like his. The prices were very good and the products were clean. The perspective is changing. He had been making gold out of waste.

Some statistics (from Shri Prakash Javedekar's press conference in April 2016)

62 million tonnes of waste is generated annually in the country at present, out of which 5.6 million tonnes is plastic waste, 0.17 million tonnes is biomedical waste, hazardous waste generation is 7.90 million tonnes per annum and 15 lakh tonne is e-waste.
43 million TPA is collected, 11.9 million is treated and 31 million is dumped in landfill sites, which means that only about 75-80% of the municipal waste gets collected and only 22-28 % of this waste is processed and treated.

Waste generation will increase from 62 million tonnes to about 165 million tonnes in 2030.

Today, waste management has become the need of the hour. Waste is not going to get any lesser. Its a common sight to see so much garbage being thrown out on the streets.

We need to act NOW...

Today, I am going to introduce all of you to an inspiring person, Vellore Srinivasan ji, who has some amazing business partners. They are not people who wear suit and boot, travel in amazing cars or stay in awesome bungalows. They neither ask for salary hikes, nor strike at any point in time. However, they are very much part of nature, as much as we are.

While many of us are helplessly living our lives, Srinivasan ji has been creating wealth from waste using our ancient technology and working closely with nature. He has impacted so many lives by educating and employing them to make this world a better place to live in.

The following piece taken from The Hindu, based on Srinivasan ji 's interaction in Bidar.

“With planned waste management based on people’s participation, governments can turn garbage into a gold mine,” the waste management expert Vellore C Srinivasan ji said.

“Making cities free of garbage is a headache for most city governments in the country. With a little effort, garbage can be changed into a source of job creation and endless resources,” he aded.

According to Srinivasan ji, segregated and processed garbage yielded over 150 types of recyclable materials and over 200 byproducts that had an assured market.

Srinivasan ji feels that the success of a waste management programme hinged on multiple levels of segregation at home and at the processing centre. Identifying different types of garbage and using distinct processing techniques to clean, treat and sell them, training workers and officials and creating awareness among residents to work with the government are the biggest challenges.

Srinivasan ji, who was featured on Aamir Khan’s TV show ‘Satyameva Jayate’, prefers to call it solid and liquid resource management (SLRM). “Calling it garbage or waste creates a mental block in most of us who don’t want to take it up later. Hence there is a need to change the vocabulary,” he said. He said that Vellore town had evolved a system of waste management that used age old techniques like composting and targeted processing. The city had eliminated roadside dust bins and was using self-help groups to collect segregated waste from every family. Various processing plants create products like fertilizer, natural gas, plastic and metal which were always in demand, he said. This had come to be known as the Vellore technique and was now followed by several cities.

He gave examples of cities like Vellore, Coimbatore, Jodhpur and Ambapuri that had successfully adopted the SLRM technique.

He showed videos of how Mysuru City Corporation was using vegetable waste to feed cows that produced compost, fish market waste fed the ducks that aerated waste waters and how chicken and fish ate away larvae and maggots and completed the cycle.

“Bidar city has 45,000 houses and 4,000 shops and offices. If it can properly segregate and process the garbage that it produces on a daily basis, the city municipal council can earn up to Rs. 40 lakh a month from recycling and reuse alone,” Srinivasan ji said. 

He said that a city like Bengaluru could earn over Rs. 1,500 crore a year from garbage, rather than spending similar amounts on garbage disposal, he said

Watch this video to know more - (Click here)

Srinivasan ji was also featured on Satyameva Jayate show. This video is also amazing (click here to view):

A document which I found online giving more insight about the model SLWM (Solid and Liquid Waste Management)

Srinivasan ji is an inspiration for all of us. I am proud that a fellow Indian has been taking this noble initiative and thinking about our future generations. Can we all do our bit?

Something to think about...

Article By: Fundamental Investor

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