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Tutorial: Virtual F&O Trading Through NSE Pathsala


Hi Friends,

Hope you enjoyed our previous articles How to Trade Futures- For Beginners & How To Trade Options- For Beginners. If you havn't, check them out now:

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With foundation knowledge about Futures & Options its time now to get some practical experience. So, let's introduce ourself to NSE's virtual F&O platform NSE Pathsala. This is a platform from NSE which we can use to practice our F&O trading strategies and get some hands on experience in this segment for free. So, let's begin it.

First click on this link to register on the website

Just fill the details in the registration form. You can select any login Id, make sure you enter your correct mobile no. and email because password is sent on that only. Fill up details select I agree to terms and conditions and click register.

Next, check your mail for ID and password

Got your login id and password, now visit the NSE Pathsala login page and login using these credentials

If you get error while logging in try logging in on a different browser or refresh and try again. Once you login you will be promoted to change and set new password do that. You will be then redirected to NSE Pathsala terminal, being a beginner you may find hard to understand what to do now so let us explain you everything step by step

You are given 20,00,000 rupees of virtual cash in you account which you can use to trade and just like in real world trading this amount will increase or decrease depending on the gains or losses realized by you.

So, in order to make most of it trade like as if it was your real money try what you would if you were trading in your own account and see the results. Once you are through with it and gain reasonable experience in f&o you can start trading in your broker's account with real funds. We often take virtual trading lightly and fun but in my view if we take it seriously it can be a good source of learning and to improve our trading skills without risking real funds

So, lets start how to trade. First of all you need to set up a watch list of stocks that you would like to trade so click on create watch list select any name of your choice for the watch list--- click create

Since we are looking to trade and practice only futures and options through this account just select F&O from the drop down and click go

Now in instrument name drop down you can select futidx, futstk, optidx, optstk depending on what you want to trade futidx- future index, futstk- future stock, optidx- option index, option index and so on. Others are for trading vix and indices let's not get into those for now

After selecting futidx choose some stocks or index you want to trade or keep track of slect futidx then nifty 31 March expiry add to list, then in symbol select bank nifty 31 march expiry add to list. Similarly you can go in futstk and optstk and select few scrips and then click add contract

Now you got the selected stocks in your watchlist on dashboard and you can Buy, sell or view the chart using the options given there

Also if you wish to add more stocks to watch list you can click on add scrips from the top to add more stocks in your watch list anytime.

Now, let's say you think nifty will go up today you click on b options from nifty future in you watch list now place your order limit or market or stop loss as you do with your broker

Once you place the order you can confirm whether it is executed or not by click on order book and once its get executed you will be able to check the gains or losses live in position . In order book you can scroll rightwards and click M or C to modify or cancel a order respectively.

Like in this example after our sell we are in loss of 198 rupees. Once you want to exit the postion simply place a buy order (since this one was sell) and you will realize the gains or losses accordingly

You can check the status of your account by scrolling downwards. Once you squareoff a postion the net quantity will be 0 in the postion book and the realized profits or gain will reflect there

Here everything from prices to lot size and other things are just like as in case of your real broker so using the ways mentioned in this post you can try out your hands on with f&o trading. In beginning it may be a bit cumbersome to get used to this terminal but once you place few trades it will work well.

Also to put that nse pathsala is simple terminal for beginners to practice trading, In case of real life brokers have advanced platforms where trading would be far more fast and elegant then in pathsala so don't concentrate on bugs and error on the platform. Work to try out your strategies and see how much you can learn and practice using this free tool

Thanks a lot for giving your valuable time in reading this post. If you liked the post and have something to say comment, subscribe and share it with your friends.

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Happy Trading
Multiplier Wealth

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