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Stock Market Vocabulary Reloaded!


Sharing this list of popular and commonly used words/abbreviates in the stock market
and what they actually mean (humorously of course) :

PE           - Plunge Endless

EBITDA - Exit Before It Tumbles Down Again

QIB        - Quixotic Indian Blunder

HNI       - Has No Idea

FII         - Furious Impoverished Investors

PMS     - Pre Meditated Scam

SIP       - Suicide by Investing Patiently

Investor - Someone who is broke

Broker  - Worse off than an investor

Correction - The next day after you bought shares

Momentum Buying - The fine art of buying high and selling low

Value Buying - The art of buying low and selling even lower

BSE : Bombay Se Exit

NSE : Nation Se Exit

F/O : Future Over

NIFTY : No Income For This Year

P.S. - Enjoy the joke, Just for fun !

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