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ChartMantra: The Interesting Technical Analysis Game From ET


Few days back on recommendation of one friend I came across this interesting technical analysis game from Economic Times. I played it and the experience was just fantastic and now its your turn to try your hands on this innovative technical analysis game.

To start with go to the following URL

You may go through the intro or directly start playing. In the beginning, you would be given virtual capital of Rs. 1 Lakh and a chart. Looking at the chart you have options either to buy/ short/ check out the next day's move or to move to next chart. If you buy the stock the gain or loss depending on next day's move would be added or subtracted from your capital. The next day you can either book your profits and move to next stock or keep holding.

For saving your profits and rank for the next time you have options to login through your Facebook/ Google or Linked In Account.

I have just loved this game and would recommend all friends to try out their hands on this one as with regular practice in this game you can really sharpen your technical analysis skills.

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  1. very nice game . Loved it :)

  2. This kind of technical analysis is very helpful for me and others as well!, i really like this post Thanks for posting nice info.